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Telefon: +46 42 161100

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Finverko design and manufacture products after the client’s requests or own initiative. One part manufacturing, or small series of details in various metals, for an example tooling steel, stainless steel, but also aluminium, plastic and graphite.


Our Products are among others, injection mould tools for plastic, silicone, rubber and aluminium, blister tools, punching tools and pressure/vacuum forming tools


Finverko performs experiments and manufacture models and prototypes, complete confidentiality is guaranteed. We also manufacture spare parts to all frequent machines. Our competent staff is responsible for its own product. They control and signs passed products before delivery.


Design in Inventor Professional 2022

CAM-preparation in hyperMILL 2021

Wire cutting machine and sinking EDM machines.

Surface optimize treatment according to IEPCO micro finishing Technology, with 3D-Ra measurement.


Our clients are among others, McNeil, TM Rubber, Nolato MediTech,  Asept, Elektrokoppar, Ecophon, Lindab, Trelleborg-Skega, Välinge Innovation, Qpharma, Höganäs AB, KB Components,  Tetra Pak, Elektro-Linden, Automationspartner, SWEP, GEA, Fogutek, WM PRESS, Airec, SolVoltaics, Ripasso Energy, Carlsberg, Alstom, Mantena, Rockwell, MIBA, ESS, APL, Laukamo, Carls-Bergh pharma and Råå snus.

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